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About LNCF

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Lithuanian National Consumer Federation (hereafter LNCF) is one of the most active NGOs in Lithuania. Legal status: not for profit independent from business, trade unions and governmental institutions consumers association. Objectives of LNCF are to protect consumer rights, economical, ecological and social interests, to educate consumers, to seek for integration of consumer policy to all economic sectors of Lithuania and EU. Reaching these objectives LNCF brings in experts of different fields, communicates with consumers, government, media and other interest groups, provides consultations, participates on radio and television broardcasts, internet discussions, publishes and distributes booklets, leaflets, magazine, makes familiar with related information, organizes different events, makes remarks and proposals by preparing legal acts. Cooperates with media by informing society.

LNCF was registered in Juridical persons’ Registry in 2000. Throughout our existence (10 years) our team worked hard to promote social interest to governmental sector. Due to this aim we had established strong relationships with most of other organizations from different sectors in Lithuania as well as European Union. On the international level LNCF is the member of Consumers International, the member of ANEC - European standartization association. On national level we have established active collaborations with trade unions, youth organisations, environmental organisations, rural communities, other NGOs, related governmental institutions.

Implemented projects:


  1. “Food project”. 1999-2001 (Consumer International);
  2. “Enforcement of Patient Rights in Lithuania”. 1999 (Sponsor – Open Society Fund Lithuania (OSF));
  3. ACCESS programme – “Enforcement of Consumer Policy in Lithuania” 2000-2001;
  4. “Advocacy capacity building of Consumer Organizations Coalition” 2001 (Baltic-American Partnership Program);
  5. “Strengthening of Lithuanian National Consumer Federation” 2004 (Baltic-American Partnership Program);
  6. “Europe’s growing” 2004. (EC programme);
  7. “Education of Consumers and Businessmen on Issues of Consumer Rights and Security”. 2004;
  8. Tourism: information and protection of web consumer effectiveness of EEC Council Directive 90/134 2004 (EC);
  9. “Enforcement of Consumer Policy in Lithuania” 2005 (ACCESS program);
  10. “Institutional support” 2005-2006 (Baltic-American partnership program);
  11. “The consideration of consumers interests by National Regulation Authorities for what concerns gas and electric energy services” 2005-2006 (EC);
  12. “Consumer welfare in 14 EU countries”. 2005-2006 (Consumers International);
  13.  “Network of Consumer Education – E-cons” 2005-2007 (Socrates program);
  14. “MOVINT” 2005-2007;
  15. Energy regulation and consumer interests 2005-2007 (EU Consumer program) ;
  16. Capacity building in consumer testing and magazines in new member states 2006-2008 (EU Consumer program);
  17.  “Information to the citizens of the European Union on the access to Justice in controversies derived from civil contracts” 2007-2008 (DG Justice);
  18. “European Cycle of Seminars for fraud prevention in payment methods in collaboration with police forces, legal authorities, consumers associations and professional entities” 2008-2009 (Framework programme for judicial cooperation in civil matter);
  19. “Creation of a European technical catalogue of the fraud at the disposal of the judicial and police authorities on the basis of a net of alerts and information facilitated by entities and citizens” 2008-2009 (Framework programme for judicial cooperation in civil matter);
  20. “Alcohol labelling policies to protect young people 2008-2010” (Second programme of Community action in the field of health);
  21. “CORENET: Consumer Organisations: Research and Network“ 2008-2011 (DG SANCO);
  22. “Extension and Strengthening of the European Topten Initiatives and of the Market for Innovative and Efficient Products - EURO-TOPTEN PLUS” 2008-2011 (Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme).
  23. “Extension and Strengthening of the European Topten Initiatives and of the Market for Innovative and Efficient Products" - TOPTEN MAX 2012-2015 (Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme).
  24. Innovative invitation for sustainable consumption and environment protection for implementing “Top-10” mark in collaboration with Nordic countries (“Top-10”). The Nordic Council of Ministers ' Support Programme. 2010. More: http://top-10.lt/.
  25. United Nations Development Programme. Cycle of seminars for consumers "Let's consume responsibly" and contest for supermarkets.


Current national activities:

“Chose the best non-food product” nomination, “Chose the best food product” nomination, “Reliable contract sertificate”, competition "It is good to life in Lithuania". Actual topics: energy, heat, gas consumption, energetics, climate change/environment protection, sustainable consumption, sustainable development, eco-label, e-commerce etc.